Build The Talmud Portfolio with ETFs

What is The Talmud portfolio?

The Talmud portfolio is a 2000 years old portfolio that has stood the test of time. It is exposed to 3 asset clasess. They are stocks, real estate ans bonds.The Talmud portfolio can be built with just 3 ETFs.

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How do you build the Talmud portfolio?

Here is how you build the Talmud portfolio with ETFs

  • 33.33% Total US Market (VTI)
  • 33.33% Real Estate – REITs (VNQ)
  • 33.33% Total Bond Market (BND)

What is the historical return of the Talmud portfolio?

The Talmud portfolio has performed wonderfully for over 3000 years!

Portfolio data was last updated on 1st of June 2023, 06:35 ET

NameYear to dateReturn in 202210 year returnCAGR since 1989 (%)Draw DownExpense ratioYield
The Talmud Portfolio2.35-19.626.878.81-24.00.06%2.63
Performance for the Talmud portfolio

Here is what the table is showing you

Year to date: This shows what the portfolio has returned this year starting from the first trading day of the year.

10 Year return: This shows the compounded annualized growth rate over a ten-year period. The current year is excluded from calculations.

CAGR since 1989: This shows the compounded annualized growth rate since 1989. The current year is excluded from calculations.

Expense ratio: This shows the cost of holding the portfolio if you were to construct the portfolio using the proposed ETFs.

Yield: This is the expected dividend yield of the portfolio.

Please note that past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

How does the Talmud portfolio compare to the best portfolios that we have tested?

Below you can see the returns of the best portfolios that we have benchmarked.

NameSee PortfolioYear to dateReturn in 202210 year returnCAGR since 1989 (%)Draw Down
Premium PortfolioPremium-1.07-18.039.4610.8-35.42
Premium PortfolioPremium0.13-11.9811.2510.38-35.26
Premium PortfolioPremium9.69-18.1912.5210.28-37.63
Premium PortfolioPremium-2.2-13.088.2810.2-36.46
Premium PortfolioPremium3.96-18.757.010.19-44.88
Premium PortfolioPremium8.81-19.5112.0810.19-37.0
Premium PortfolioPremium-3.94-13.919.710.16-40.85
Premium PortfolioPremium-2.05-13.228.3110.08-36.35
Premium PortfolioPremium1.4-16.947.599.99-37.91
Premium PortfolioPremium8.04-18.8711.039.84-32.78
The 10 Best Performing Portfolios That We Have Benchmarked

What is the Talmud portfolio?

“Let every man divide his money into three parts, and invest a third in land, a third in business and a third let him keep by him in reserve.”

-The Talmud

So it is written in the Talmud, a record of debates among rabbis about Jewish law dating as early as 1200 B.C.

The portfolio has performed surprisingly well over the decades. You could also keep 1/3 in cash instead of bonds.

The Talmud portfolio is a conservative portfolio because it has 33.33% in bonds. Bonds are not as volatile as stocks but they also provide a lower return than bonds.

John Bogle mentions the Talmud portfolio in his book Common Sense on Mutual Funds.

John Bogle - Common Sense on Mutual Funds

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